What are the skills of matching bags with clothes?

Matching clothes is to look good when the overall matching is coordinated. It is really knowledgeable to match different styles of clothes.

Bag collocation principle

  1. Contrasting color matching method

There is a strong contrast and conflict with the color of the clothes, and it will also produce a very eye-catching matching method. For example, a white skirt with a black bag.

2. Clothes color matching method

The bag is coordinated with the color of the clothes, and the pattern matches the whole accessories of the clothes. Make the whole shape look more harmonious and unified.

3. Personality matching method

Wearing more reserved clothes can be matched with a relatively simple but stylish bag, such as some solid-color bags. In this way, you will show your subtlety and introversion again, will you feel that it is very prominent, and the whole shape will be more coordinated. Girls who wear more avant-garde personality can choose some corresponding avant-garde personality bags. It is the whole person who looks very energetic and individual, and has a feeling of being bright.

4. Season matching method

The matching of bags depends on the season. For example, in summer, you can match a light-colored bag. pleasing to the eye. In autumn and winter, you can choose a bag with a darker color, such as a light brown or camel bag, which looks very warm.

5. Age matching method

Girls of different ages need to match a different bag. Matching your own age will make the whole match very coordinated. The style and color of this bag are very beautiful, but you must first consider whether your age is coordinated.