PU material bag washing and maintenance method

  • Cleaning method:

  1. Clean with water and detergent, avoid gasoline scrubbing
  2. No dry cleaning
  3. Can only be washed with water, and the washing temperature cannot exceed 40 degrees
  4. Do not expose to sunlight
  5. Can not contact some organic solvents
  • Maintenance method:

1. Generally speaking, most of the cleaning bags first use a cleaning brush or a clean cotton cloth suitable for various materials to remove dust and dirt.

2. If leather bags are wiped with leather cleaner, the lens cloth for glasses is generally a cheap and easy-to-use helper. It will not scratch your beloved bag, and even smearing can restore the luster to the bag.

3. A gray and white pencil and ball pen eraser at both ends can be used as a cleaning tool for a muntjac bag. If it is slightly dirty, it can be gently wiped off with a general pencil eraser; serious dirt can be removed with a gray eraser at one end of the ballpoint pen. The reason is that the friction is strong, but the handle should be lighter to avoid damage to the bag.

4. To clean the nylon bag and cloth bread, you can gently press the surface of the bag with a non-drip wet cloth. Except for silk, silk and satin bags, you can try a toothbrush with toothpaste for local cleaning.

5. No matter what kind of bag, leave it in a ventilated place to dry after cleaning, but don’t take it to bask in the sun in order to be quick, because the bag scrubbed with clean water is the most fragile time when the sudden high-temperature exposure can cause the bag to fade or the leather to become hard and brittle.

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