How to choose the right bag for you

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Bags can be described as a woman’s life. Since the relationship between women and bags is destined to be inseparable, before you greedily search for the next bag for yourself, it is better to study the six tips on how to choose a bag!

  • Steps to choose a bag that suits you:

First, bags and face shape

Faces with a strong three-dimensional face and high cheekbones can choose a style with bright stripes and a neutral metallic style; while those with small facial features and a round face are suitable for sweet and cute bags with more shiny embellishments Bag.

Second, bags and breasts

When the bag is sandwiched under the armpit, you can only see its thickness from a positive point of view. Therefore, women with plump breasts and round waist should choose the thin and slender rectangular bag, while women who have flat breasts and slim body should choose the triangular bag which looks thick on the side in order to make the upper circumference slightly plump.

Third, bags and height.


Large bags are popular, but the choice depends on height so as not to be cumbersome. If the height is more than 165 cm, you should try to choose a bag with a total length of about 60 cm that can be filled vertically into the size of a magazine; if the height is less than 158 cm, you should choose a bag with a total length of about 50 cm that can be packed horizontally into the size of a magazine. Stretch the proportion of the figure.

Fourth, bags and Life.

When buying a bag, don’t ignore its practicality. If you have just “upgraded” to become a beautiful mommy, but stuffed all the diaper bottles into a noble retro crocodile leather handbag, it may scare passers-by; wide bags of colored nylon bags can make you and your baby fashionable.

Fifth, bags and character.


Girls who follow the style of leisure sports can choose more “hard” bags such as nylon, plastic or thick canvas. Girls with lovely and gentle temperaments often wear elegant and light fabrics, so the texture of the bag should also be made of cotton, hemp or lace.

Sixth, bags and leather

The common natural leather will show fine lines under the press of the thumb, and the better the grade, the better the elasticity and fullness of the leather. The common goat skin pattern is wavy, thick and meticulous; yellow cattle skin has dense lines and irregular punctate pores; pig skin has a rough surface, and the pattern is usually distributed in a group of three pores, which can be hard or soft.

  • Considerations for selecting a bag:

1. Bags and manners

When using a small shoulder strap bag, you can slightly fix the bag under the armpit to avoid swinging back and forth; the handbag should be held in the arm, the elbow naturally leaning against the waistline into 90 degrees; the strapless bag can be held in front of the chest with one hand, or hold it naturally close to the thigh along the length of the arm, girls must not clip the strapless bag under the armpit!

2. Bags and colors

Navy Blue

Color plays an important role in the collocation of bags, accessories and clothing. The collocation of the same color system as a whole but with distinct levels can create a generous and elegant shape. There is a strong contrast between the color of the bag and the color it wears, such as a black dress with a bright red bag and shoes, which is a bright personality match; the bag can also be any color chosen in the pattern of a broken flower skirt or printed blouse. The overall feeling is lively but elegant.

3. Bags and popularity

The most popular is not necessarily the most suitable for you! Maybe this season’s latest round fluorescent shoulder strap makes you feel the urge to have it, but maybe the earth-colored lacquered leather handbag next to you is the most admirable choice.

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