The basic principles of clothing matching

1. Generally speaking, it is not advisable to have dark tops and light bottoms, which will give people the feeling of being top-heavy. If the top is plaid or striped, the skirt should preferably not be the same pattern, but a single color. Conversely, if the skirt is floral, then a plain shirt should be worn on it.

2. Colorful shirts should not be worn under jackets, especially gay men. If you wear the floral shirt directly outside, the effect will be much better. If the outside is more formal and solemn clothes, the shirt inside is preferably light-colored and plain.

3. The top and bottom materials should be close to each other. If the upper body is made of straight wool and the lower body is a pair of fabric trousers without trousers, it will definitely look nondescript. The styles of the top and bottom should also be consistent. Wear a straight top or a wide-hem blouse instead of a wide skirt.

4. If you wear a sweatshirt, it is best to wear a set, and you should also wear sports shoes on your feet, so as to appear spiritual and coordinated. Don’t wear a uniform on top and a pair of sweatpants underneath. Pants should not use horizontal stripes.

5. If you wear a sweater on the upper body, then the trousers or skirts on the lower body should also be of heavy material so that they can be matched. It is best not to wear silk clothes inside the sweater. First, it is easy to damage the silk clothes, and second, the texture of the sweater is not in harmony, which makes people feel very uncomfortable.

6. The easiest way to match the color of socks is to make the color of socks similar to your skin color. If you wear slender and compact high-heeled shoes, it is best not to wear thick socks. On the contrary, thin socks should not match with sneakers and thick boots.

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