15 tricks to master dressing and color matching

01. White skin – wear a YELLOWISH color

Genetic color is to use skin color to distinguish the color that suits you. For people with fair complexion, use yellow-flavored colors, such as orange, light yellow, turkey blue, olive green, etc.

02. The complexion is more ruddy and healthy – wear BLUE color

Beige 01
Beige 02
Black 01
Black 02
Green 01
Green 02
Khaki 01
Khaki 02
Pink 01
Pink 02
Red 01
Red 02

For those with a ruddy and healthy complexion, blue-tinged colors are suitable, such as chili red, lake green, ocean green, water blue, lemon yellow, etc.

03. The basic color of clothing is recommended NO.1 – KHAKI or CAMEL

Khaki is very suitable for oriental people whose skin tone is yellow, especially this color is easy to blend with other colors.

04. The basic color of clothing is recommended NO.2 – GRAY

Gray is a color that is not easy to make mistakes, and it is also very suitable as the main color of clothing. Neutral gray is also very extensible.

05. The basic color of clothing is recommended NO.3 – DARK BLUE

Dark blue is the color of choice for many men, but it is suitable for those with reddish skin tones.

06. The basic color of clothing is recommended NO.4 – DARK COFFEE

Dark coffee is an honest and calm color that, like khaki, is suitable for people with yellow undertones.

07. Color matching suggestions for khaki as the main color

Upper body – light yellow, beige, coffee, champagne, pink orange, apricot yellow, apple green.

08. Color matching suggestions for gray as the main color

Match with chili red, pure pink, sapphire blue, aqua blue, grape purple.

09. Consideration of body shape and figure

Slender body type – wears high chromatic, brighter colors. People who are not tall – wear clothes with simple lines, plain colors that emphasize the waist.

10. Color matching of clothes on a date.

Wearing khaki on the lower body and the emotional orientation on the upper body, wearing pink-orange or apricot yellow is helpful for emotional expression. Or wear gray on the lower half and pink on the upper half, or peach with green apple green.

11. Color matching of clothes at work.

Wear dark coffee with red, dark brown is safe and stable, the lower body represents mobility, and red represents ambition, which is suitable for business people. Or brown trousers with an olive green top to convey stability and loyalty. In addition, light gray with burgundy, chocolate, or aqua blue, dark blue sweater is also quite good.

12. Color matching for casual wear

Wear light gray underneath and pink, mint green, navy blue, cream or pure white on top. Or wear khaki drawstring trousers, wider cotton discount trousers, light yellow, light green, green apple green, or off-white, to choose a color that can relax your mood.

13. Recommended accessories that are easy to use.

Medium-sized scarves that can be matched with colors that appear in clothing, such as red, purple, gray, camel, blue, dark green, etc., as well as various styles of hats.

14. Coffee or brown belt

Be prepared to have one width and one narrow, especially not to confuse jeans with the waistband of suit pants.

15. White shirt with good texture

White complements the texture and color of patterned accessories.

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